Friday, April 4, 2014

Sking, driving, and writing this blog

Hi folks, 

If you are following this blog daily, I apologize for not having the time or the energy to update the blog in the past few days.  I will post these updates in a few days. 

There are 3 elements to this kind of a road trip:  the skiing, the driving, and writing the blog.  The skiing is plain fun.  The driving is fun in places, but it can also be tedious and long, but it's part of the equation, it's a necessity.  But writing this blog is a luxury, which I can't always afford.  I am simply not getting enough sleep. If I ski all day, and then drive until late into the night, there is simply no time left to write the blog, as much as I enjoy doing it. 

But stay tuned for the last few updates. I have had a few great days lately.  For example: 

1.  Sunrise Park (Arizona) was fantastic and surprising in many ways.  It's on Apache territory, and it is the only ski area in Arizona that is still open.  I left my mark on the mountain, on the Maverick trail.  Just wait till you see the photos!   I had here one of the best runs of the whole trip!

2. China Peak (California) was also a pleasant surprise, although it came with a side dish of a few unpleasant experiences.  Among other things, I got myself in the worst possible jam here, but it all ended well.  I will explain --- after I first get some sleep. 

3. Sierra-at-Tahoe (California) will be the last stop on my road trip.  I will ski there on Sunday. I have skied there before and already have a few favorite spots which I am planning to revisit. 

The weather has been great.  Plenty of sunshine, ideal for taking pictures.  It will just take me some time to process them and post them here. 

I hope to do most of this on Monday, ... so you might see these last 3 stories here on Tuesday. 


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