Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Powder Alliance

How would you like to ski at 12 ski areas for the price of one? This is now possible, thanks to the alliace forged between 12 ski areas in the western USA. The deal is that anyone with a season pass from any of these ski areas receives not only
unlimited skiing at their home ski area but also 3 free lift tickets at each of the other ski areas.

The Powder Alliance consists of the following 12 ski areas: Timberline (OR), Mt. Hood Skibowl (OR), Schweitzer Mt. (ID), Bridger Bowl (MT), Stevens Pass (WA), Sierra-at-Tahoe (CA), China Peak (CA), Mountain High (CA), Snowbasin (UT), Snowbowl (AZ), Crested Butte (CO), and Angel Fire (NM).

In effect, you get 12 resorts, 123 lifts, 806 trails, and 26,782 vertical feet. All for the price of one season pass!  There is no additional charge for the Powder Alliance deal. Just get a season pass (a Fusion Pass for Oregonians).

What this means for Oregonians. 
For Oregonians to make use of the Powder Alliance deal they have to purchase the Fusion Pass, which by itself gives you unlimited skiing at both Timberline and Skibowl.  In addition, we will now also get 30 free lift tickets to the other 10 ski areas (3 lift tickets to each one of them). The only restriction to the other ski areas is that you cannot use this deal on Saturdays or holidays. Those are the only blackout days.
The Fusion Pass price for adults under 65 is $475.
Adults over 65 can purchase the pass for just $255.
Those over 71 get free skiing at Timberline, but not necessarily at all the other ski areas. I  think those over 71 can get the Fusion Pass for $50.

I normally never buy season passes, simply because I don’t want to be tied
down to just one single ski area all winter. But with 12 ski areas on a single pass,
variety is built into the Powder Alliance deal and the whole equation changes.

In addition to skiing at Timberline and Mt. Hood Skibowl, this year, our Mountain High club organized trips to Schweitzer Mt. (ID) and Stevens Pass (WA), where about 20 of us put the Fusion Pass / Powder Alliance to good use.

But, Sierra-at-Tahoe (CA) and Snowbasin (UT) are all within easy reach too. Also, once in California, why not drive a bit farther south and visit China Peak in Central California and Mountain High ski area in Southern California!  And once there, why not complete the whole circle and visit all the Powder Alliance ski areas?!

That's how my plan was born.  Let's do them all!  It's a long road trip, a little over 4,000 miles.  But the skiing is all free!